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Farmer harvesting legumes

Legumes as a Tool to Fight Poverty

We need to increase investment and research into these nutritious and soil friendly crops.

23 Mar 2016 Our Ideas Soil

Staff train farmers using a measuring string

Get The Dirt On Soil Testing in Tanzania

In the farming business, ensuring long-term profitability means farmers must take care of their most important asset: their land.

15 Oct 2015 Our Ideas Soil Tanzania

A closeup of a handful of soil

Long-Term Impact at One Acre Fund

Pioneering long-term solutions that allow us to serve farmers and enhance soil health is our top priority.

2 Oct 2015 Our Ideas Soil

Healthy Soil

5 One Acre Fund Trials with Exciting Implications for Soil Health

Innovations we have tested to improve soil health and benefit our farmers' productivity and incomes.

25 Aug 2015 One Acre Fund News Soil


Why One Acre Fund Trains Farmers in Composting

By creating their own compost and then using it during planting, farmers are able to return much-needed nutrients to their fields.

19 May 2015 Our Ideas Soil Rwanda

A closeup of a handful of soil

5 Reasons Soil Health Is Key To The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

When considering the role of soil in food security, it’s no wonder the U.N. designated 2015 the International Year of Soils.

13 Apr 2015 Our Ideas Soil

Healthy soil

7 Unsung Heroes of Soil Science

Because healthy soil is the first step to ending hunger, OAF is highlighting recent innovations in soil science.

17 Feb 2015 One Acre Fund News Soil

Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise and trusted community ties to respond to emerging farmer needs.

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