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Our New Leadership Diversification Commitments

A letter from Andrew Youn, One Acre Fund's Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Acre Fund.

21 Jul 2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Fatuma Mgao - Tanzania

Farmer Financial Diaries

We speak to three farmers - from Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania - to understand how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19.

3 Jul 2020 Responding to Covid-19

Upendo Malata, Tanzania One Acre Fund

Responding to COVID-19: An Open Letter from our Executive Director

Our Executive Director shares an important operational update as we work to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and maintain essential services for farmers.

8 Jun 2020 Responding to Covid-19 Working At One Acre Fund

Leticia Kangwe - Zambia

From Seed to Soap: Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise, trusted community ties, and commitment to putting Farmers First, to respond to emerging farmer needs.

14 May 2020 Responding to Covid-19

Susan Kabesa - Millionth Farmer Profile

COVID-19 Update on our Millionth Farmer Group

Despite the numerous challenges that the coronavirus brings, farmers are doing their best to make ends meet until the next harvest.

30 Apr 2020 Responding to Covid-19

Mobile Tablets at One Acre Fund

Using Technology to Support Farming in the Face of COVID-19

In our new reality of a global health pandemic, we have turned to technology to keep agriculture open for business.

29 Apr 2020 Responding to Covid-19

Input delivery truck in Rwanda

Putting Farmers First During a Global Health Crisis

In this uncertain time, food security is more essential than ever. We’re rapidly reinventing our services to keep farmers safe and well-supported in the era of social distancing.

31 Mar 2020 Responding to Covid-19

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Letter From Andrew Youn: One Million Farmers Served

One Acre Fund CEO Andrew Youn shares his reflections on the lessons learnt on our journey to serving one million farmers across Africa.

11 Mar 2020 One Acre Fund News

A farmer plants seed in Malawi

Three Tips to Help your Farm Cope with Climate Change in East Africa

East Africa has seen several weather pattern changes in the recent past. Here, we share climate-smart agriculture tips to help farmers in the region cope better with unpredictable weather.

16 Oct 2019 Our Ideas Climate Change

Made in Rwanda Seed Launch - Group Pic

One Acre Fund Rwanda Launches Joint Maize Seed Processing Plant

In 2019, One Acre Fund started producing hybrid maize seed in Rwanda with two domestic partners. We believe it’s a game-changer for farmers in the country.

30 Aug 2019 One Acre Fund News

Strive Masiyiwa. USAID

Meet The African Billionaire Advocating for Farming

Why is Strive Masiyiwa, one of the continent’s most prominent CEOs, so invested in the agriculture sector?

29 May 2019 Our Ideas

Fall Armyworm, One Acre Fund Tanzania

Responding to Fall Armyworm Outbreaks in Africa

A case study, produced in partnership with USAID, details the impact of Fall Armyworm in the communities we serve and shares our experience in responding to the crisis.

29 Apr 2019 One Acre Fund News

Kenyan Deputy President Ruto meeting One Acre Fund staff

Food Security and Kenya’s Big Four Agenda

Kenya’s Deputy President joins One Acre Fund to celebrate the farmers who feed our nation.

5 Apr 2019 One Acre Fund News

Bidii Group Planting

We Asked: What Role Do Today’s Youth See For Themselves in Agribusiness?

So we asked four young adults for their views on youth in agribusiness. Here are their opinions.

1 Mar 2019 Farmer Stories

Moses Odoli with his drought-affected farm

African Farmers Stung by Climate Change Await Return of New Season Rains

Extreme weather is a hallmark of climate change, and smallholder farmers we work with are already feeling the toll.

22 Feb 2019 Farmer Stories Climate Change

Splensia with her sewing machine

To Build Rural Economies, Offer Farmers Choice

We believe farmers should be treated as clients, not beneficiaries. Here's why.

1 Feb 2019 Our Ideas Tanzania

An M&E agent collects harvest results using his smartphone

Designing Tech for Rural Areas

One Acre Fund's Global Director of Technology on why it's an exciting time to be a techie and humanitarian in East Africa.

29 Nov 2018 Our Ideas Innovations

Rose of One Acre Fund

Crop Insurance Can Improve Food Security in Africa

One proven tool to increase farmers’ resilience is crop insurance, but more government support is needed.

5 Nov 2018 Our Ideas Climate Change Video


5 Digital Innovations Making A Difference Outside The City

Cutting-edge technology isn’t just for the big city. Here’s how new innovations are making a difference across rural Kenya.

14 Aug 2018 Our Ideas Innovations Kenya

One Acre Fund Tree Loading

Social Entrepreneurs: Invest in Trees

Investing in trees might not sound like the most exciting investment, but trees can offer financial and social returns for years to come.

25 Jul 2018 Our Ideas Trees Kenya

Delivering a Health Response to COVID-19

At a time of a global health crisis, we are drawing on our deep delivery expertise and trusted community ties to respond to emerging farmer needs.

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