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Christine Ashinjila

Christine's Path to Independence

“Before joining One Acre Fund, all I could think of was buying food for the children. Now, I have extra money to invest.”

7 Mar 2018 Farmer Voice

Jesca Namusoke at her home

A Business of Her Own

Jesca Namusoke is using her One Acre Fund income to build a poultry business and send her children to university.

13 Feb 2018 Farmer Voice

Davis & Emelda Mukolwe

Why One Acre Fund Farmers Are Excited About Trees

Two grevillea farmers explain just how great these trees have been for their farm's health and productivity.

8 Sep 2017 Farmer Voice Kenya

Marakalu, Kenya

A Village Transformed

Farmers in Marakalu, Kenya share their stories of hope and success.

22 Aug 2017 Farmer Voice Kenya

Theresa Wanyama with photos

10 Years With One Acre Fund

Theresa Wanyama was one of the first farmers to join One Acre Fund. She hasn't looked back since.

18 Aug 2017 Farmer Voice Kenya

Winrose Wachiye of Kenya

How One Kenyan Farmer Beat Last Year's Drought

Winrose Wachiye beat last year’s drought in Kenya in part because of techniques she learned from One Acre Fund.

8 May 2017 Farmer Voice Climate Change Kenya

Mary Nekesa Riverbed

Surviving on Sand

When a months-long drought wiped out this year’s crops, Mary sought a new opportunity.

7 Feb 2017 Farmer Voice Kenya

Kija Katemana

Turning the Tables in Tanzania

Kija hoped to provide a better life for her children, so she pursued the training she needed to succeed.

16 Sep 2016 Farmer Voice Tanzania

Pascaline Ntangyungwi at home

From Beans to Bachelor's Degrees in Burundi

Four years ago, Pascaline Ntangyungwi heard news that promised to change her agricultural practices and possibly more.

16 Aug 2016 Farmer Voice Burundi

Alice Nasambu and a tree

Why Growing Trees Makes Perfect Sense for Smallholder Farmers

Growing trees can offer an incredible return on investment for our farmers in just a few years.

27 Jun 2016 Farmer Voice News From The Field Agroforestry Kenya

Conrad Lukoye

Luuya's Tomato Jungle

Conrad Lukoye turned a battle against his family's food insecurity into a thriving local business.

13 May 2016 Farmer Voice Kenya

Sofia Katende

Sofia's Best Bet for Success

Farming used to yield disappointment for Sofia. Now, she yields surpluses, and can proudly provide for her son.

2 May 2016 Farmer Voice Insights Results Uganda

Vital Mucyo Irasubiza outside his home

Hope After Dark

Solar lighting helped this Rwandan student improve his grades and reach his goals.

14 Mar 2016 Farmer Voice Solar Lights Rwanda

Farm finance

The Case for Farm Finance

Access to financing helped Wilbroda change her future. Millions of other farmers also deserve that opportunity.

4 Feb 2016 Opinion Farmer Voice Kenya


3 Nutritious Farm-to-Table Recipes from East Africa

Farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania discuss food insecurity before sharing some of their favorite farm-to-table recipes.

25 Jan 2016 Farmer Voice Impact Results Kenya Rwanda Tanzania


A Client’s Perspective: 10 Years with One Acre Fund

We caught up with Robai Wanyonyi, one of our pioneer farmers who has been with us since we started in 2006.

17 Dec 2015 Farmer Voice Kenya

Grace Khasoa pays for her motorbike transport

The Access Challenge in Rural Kenya

A first-hand insight into the harsh realities of the access challenge facing smallholder farmers in East Africa.

19 Nov 2015 Farmer Voice Kenya

Jeanette Uwimanimpaye and her children

To End Poverty, We Must Empower Rural Women

Jeanette proves that rural women have the power to improve the lives of their families and communities.

3 Nov 2015 Farmer Voice Leadership Impact Results Rwanda

Sakina Nyaulingo

Smallholder Harvests are Educating Youth in Tanzania

Sakina dreamed of providing her children with a quality education, but was struggling to put food on the table.

26 Oct 2015 Farmer Voice Impact Results Tanzania

Rajesh Ndola and family

This Farmer Beat the Odds to Feed His Family and Community

By becoming a community leader, Rajesh achieved food security for both his family and his neighbors.

21 Oct 2015 Farmer Voice Leadership Impact Tanzania

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