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Judith Wanyama, One Acre Fund

Moonshot Ideas in Agriculture

What’s the next big thing in farming? Here are five ideas that could revolutionize how we feed the world.

9 Feb 2018 Opinion

Mary Bomani, Solar Lamp

High-Impact Organizations We Love

There are many great nonprofits and social enterprises doing impactful work to end hunger and poverty.

24 Jan 2018 Opinion

Tilling Soil in Kenya

Climate Change Is Already A Reality For The World's Farmers

One Acre Fund releases statement following announcement of U.S. intention to withdraw from Paris climate agreement.

2 Jun 2017 Opinion

Mwaiwathu Group Planting Malawi

Trump Plan To Cut Foreign Aid Endangers U.S. Interests

President Donald Trump’s plan to slash U.S. foreign aid in favor of increased military spending is likely to have the opposite effect he intends.

11 Apr 2017 Opinion

Drought-affected soil close up

Climate Funds Should Target Smallholder Farmers

How can we get farmers the resources they need to put climate-smart farming into practice?

21 Feb 2017 Opinion Climate Change

Beans Pulses

Gates Foundation Scientist: Pulses are a Game-Changer

Dr. Jeff Ehlers tells us what actions the development community can take to harness the power of pulses.

10 Jun 2016 Opinion Insights

Two farmers holding maize

One Acre Fund Commends Congress Passage of Global Food Security Act

The act will help millions of smallholder farmers get access to the support and training they need.

14 Apr 2016 Opinion

Farm finance

The Case for Farm Finance

Access to financing helped Wilbroda change her future. Millions of other farmers also deserve that opportunity.

4 Feb 2016 Opinion Farmer Voice Kenya

David Hong represents One Acre Fund at the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

One Acre Fund Testifies Before House Foreign Affairs Committee

David Hong, Global Senior Policy Analyst, testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about One Acre Fund's work.

7 Oct 2015 Opinion

Alice Khisa and her sisters study using a solar lamp purchased from One Acre Fund on credit

Summer 2015 Reading List

It’s that time of year again! Gear up for summer with our list of top agriculture, policy, and development reads.

15 Jun 2015 Opinion

Farmer with Maize

Governments Can Do More to Unlock Innovation and Support Market Growth in the Agricultural Sector

The Coca-Cola Company and One Acre Fund discuss their proven methods to partnering with the public sector.

21 May 2015 Opinion Leadership Results Rwanda Zambia


The Best Reads from the Month of Microfinance

To celebrate the great ideas being discussed during the "Month of Microfinance," we compiled a few of our favorites here.

22 Apr 2015 Opinion

A closeup of a handful of soil

5 Reasons Soil Health Is Key To The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

When considering the role of soil in food security, it’s no wonder the U.N. designated 2015 the International Year of Soils.

13 Apr 2015 Opinion Soil


Responding To The Risks of Farm Finance

Providing smallholder farmers with credit to invest in their farms isn’t just a good deed, it can also be a good business opportunity.

8 Apr 2015 Opinion

Farmer repayment in Rwanda

Bridging The Microfinance Gap For Smallholder Farmers

While 55 percent of Africa’s population is engaged in agriculture, only 1 percent of bank lending goes to the agricultural sector.

6 Apr 2015 Opinion


Calling For A Distribution Revolution

We hope to innovate cost-effective, scalable ways to distribute agriculture technologies to millions of smallholder farmers.

24 Feb 2015 Opinion How One Acre Fund Works

Input Delivery

What to Read on Agriculture Microfinance

We've compiled a list of resources that explain just how valuable providing microfinance loans can be.

14 Sep 2014 Opinion

Input delivery in Nyanza, Nyamira district, Kenya.

Asset-Based Financing and Flexible Repayment Schedules to Better Serve Africa's Smallholder Farmers

Here's an inside look into our unique approach to microfinancing, which specially targets smallholder farmers.

3 Apr 2014 Opinion

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