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One Acre Fund Soil Lab Team

Behind the Scenes at One Acre Fund’s Soil Lab

“When farmers get the right information and do the right things, they can put enough food on the table.”

5 Jun 2018 How One Acre Fund Works

A closeup of a handful of soil

Long-Term Impact at One Acre Fund

Pioneering long-term solutions that allow us to serve farmers and enhance soil health is our top priority.

2 Oct 2015 How One Acre Fund Works

Planting at crop research station in Malawi

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Kenya's Crop Research Stations

Our research stations generate new ideas for agricultural products that could improve our farmers’ harvests and livelihoods.

9 Jul 2015 How One Acre Fund Works Kenya

Consolata with her dairy cow in Kenya

Dairy Trials Aim to Improve Cow Health and Milk Production

Developing products for farmers to boost their milk production so their households have more milk to consume and to sell.

29 Jun 2015 How One Acre Fund Works Kenya

Ester Shidawi

In Tanzania, New Government Relations Role Means Big Growth

As our program in Tanzania grows, new opportunities open up to connect with local government officials.

20 Apr 2015 Careers How One Acre Fund Works Tanzania


Calling For A Distribution Revolution

We hope to innovate cost-effective, scalable ways to distribute agriculture technologies to millions of smallholder farmers.

24 Feb 2015 Opinion How One Acre Fund Works

Two farmers holding hybrid maize seed

The Journey of a One Acre Fund Maize Seed

Though they may be small, each maize seed is the result of years of effort and trials.

3 May 2013 How One Acre Fund Works Kenya

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