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10 Reasons You Should Consider a Field Based Career

We decided to ask current staffers why they love coming to work every day— what they like the best about working in the field.

Let’s face it: getting out of bed and going to work every day is much easier if you care about what you’re doing. For some of us, it also helps if our job takes us out in the field, to observe farmers participating in composting trainings, or to wander through fields of sunflowers ripe for harvest.

To be successful at One Acre Fund, or at any mission-driven organization for that matter, it’s even more important to be clear about what inspires you. What are you passionate about? What is it that drives you to give every task 110%?

Making sure job applicants understand what we do at One Acre Fund is important, but it’s also important that people interested in working at One Acre Fund understand why we do what we do. The answer comes back to one key phrase: Farmers First.

We decided to ask current staffers why they love coming to work every day— what they like the best about working in the field, why they feel their work is fulfilling both personally and professionally, and how they practice “Farmers First.”

Meet Our Team

Rhoda Wekesa, Field Officer Rhoda Wekesa, Field Officer.

“Ever since I joined One Acre Fund, I can clearly see that my work has made an impact to the lives of farmers. Seeing the impact of our program first-hand has also improved my self-esteem. For example, I never knew I could stand in front of people and teach. I’m now very confident because I believe in what we are doing!”

Benerdete Wekulo, Field Manager Benerdete Wekulo, Field Manager.

“It feels good to help farmers achieve a sustainable life, where they can truly depend on themselves and depend on their farming. I also love that I have gotten the opportunity to meet many different people through my work at One Acre Fund.”

Catherine Nyongesa, Field Manager Catherine Nyongesa, Field Manager.

“I love what I do because I love working with farmers, who work very, very hard to make a better life for their families. To me, “Farmers First” means eradicating poverty from rural communities entirely! My job also allows me to work towards this goal every single day.”

Eclay Munala Eclay Munala, Senior Field Operations Associate.

“My coworkers will stop at nothing to make a positive change in other peoples’ lives. I’m very fortunate to work with quite a few game-changing people, and the desire to help and keep up with them is what drives me. I love our team spirit!”

Francis Wamukaba Wefafa Francis Wamukaba Wefafa, Field Director.

“I enjoy working with our field officers, training them and ensuring they develop all the skills necessary to serve farmers. I love the way we interact as a team too… everyone plays a part in putting farmers first”

Jackline Barasa, Assistant Field Director Jackline Barasa, Assistant Field Director.

“I have grown a lot as a professional through the feedback I have received while working at One Acre Fund. I’ve learned how to set and to meet targets, and work successfully in a team. We achieved 100 percent repayment at the end of last season, which I think was a direct result of everyone working together as a team.”

Joseph Barasa, Field Manager Joseph Barasa, Field Manager.

“What I like most about my work is that I get to spend a lot of the time in the field, interacting with farmers. We work together and we make jokes, which makes work all the more fun.”

Jourdan McGinn, Field Operations Program Manager Jourdan McGinn, Field Operations Program Manager

"Each and every day, I am challenged in small and big ways to solve complex problems with my team. I know that each solution we come up with is a step closer to making more farmers more prosperous."

Mercy Samita, Senior Field Operations Associate Mercy Samita, Senior Field Operations Associate.

“Working on the field ops team is so fulfilling. People are open minded and ready to share and hear ideas— everyone is just so supportive. I have seen myself grow because my bosses have given me honest, open, and constructive feedback. They have supported me and helped me develop new skills. It’s a department that I never want to leave.”

Phoebe Carter “I love being a member of the field operations team at One Acre Fund because I get to see first-hand the incredible impact the organization is creating for farm families in Western Kenya. My work challenges me to put farmers first every single day.” Polyn Otuuma, Field Officer Polyn Otuuma, Field Officer.

“I love that I get to learn about and share new agriculture technologies that will be hugely impactful for farmers. The fact that we get to improve the living standards of so many farm families by providing products that have a positive impact on these families’ health, finances, and food security is what is fulfilling to me as a field officer.

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