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About us


Our reports offer an honest look at the hard metrics we use to guide every step of our operations, and a review of the major milestones achieved each year. 

Women farmer with cobs of maize

2021 Annual Report

Cultivating New Frontiers: In a second straight year filled with challenges and uncertainty due to COVID, climate change, and inflation, One Acre Fund prioritized adaptation and innovation in supporting our clients. Read now

A farmer in Rwanda smiles at the camera as she stands in her field

2020 Annual Report: Seeding Resilience

In 2020, we served more than 1.3 million farmers in six countries, registering a 33% growth despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensured that farmers could continue farming by advocating to have agriculture designated as an “essential business.”

Farmers in Rwanda stand in a line tilling the soil

2019 Annual Report: One Million Farmers Served

In 2019, One Acre Fund served one million smallholder farmers across six African countries. With the help of our market bundle – improved inputs on credit, training, delivery and post-harvest support – our program generated an average 44% increase in profits on supported land.


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