Our Offices

We have staff in the following locations.

Please note that our offices do not have the capacity to accommodate unscheduled visitors. If you had a question for our team, please message us via our Contact Us page.


Kakamega One Acre Fund Our Kenyan headquarters in Kakamega

One Acre Fund has three offices in Kenya. Our Kenyan headquarters in Kakamega and two smaller offices in Nairobi and Kisii. 

Our Kenyan headquarters is located near Jesus Junction, Ikonyero in Kakamega. Opened in April 2017, this office has about 300 staff from a range of One Acre Fund teams. 

Located on Argwings Kodhek Road in Hurlingham, our Nairobi office hosts approximately 70 staff and has been open since late 2013. 

Located on Migori Highway near Nyangena Hospital, this is our newest Kenyan office. Opened in early 2017, it hosts approximately 40 staff mainly from our field teams.


Rubengera Offices of One Acre Fund An outdoor working area at our offices in Rubengera, Rwanda

One Acre Fund TUBURA has three offices in Rwanda. Our Rwanda headquarters in Rubengera and two offices in Kigali.

Our Rwanda headquarters, located near Kibirizi market, was established in 2010 and supports approximately 200 staff, mainly from our field teams. 

In Kigali we have an office in Kiyovu near Chez John and another near the British Embassy in Kacyiru that houses our Finance team.


In Burundi One Acre Fund TUBURA has four offices, including three regional offices and a smaller office in Bujumbura. 

Located next to the government’s provincial headquarters, our Burundi headquarters in Muramvya was established in 2012 and hosts approximately 120 staff. 

Found on Muyinga Road, this is our second largest office in Burundi with approximately 40 staff from our field and business operations teams. 

Established in 2017, this 20-person office in Quartier Gabiro hosts our Business Operations team. 

Located on n°9 Avenue de la Justice, our offices in the country’s capital have approximately 15 staff from our human resources, PRO, and government relations teams. 


One Acre Fund has four offices in Tanzania – our country headquarters in Iringa and three regional offices that support our growing work in the country. 

Located on Lugalo Street in Iringa town, our Tanzanian headquarters has 70 staff. 

With 40 staff, this is our second largest office in Tanzania. It is located on Mwanjelwa Street. 

Located on Airport Street, our offices in Njombe house 20 staff from our field operations, human resources, and impact evaluation teams. 

Found on Rau Street, this office has 10 staff from our corporate operation and field operation teams. 


One Acre Fund’s office in Malawi is located in Zomba. 

Located on the M3 Highway near FDH Bank, this office houses 60 staff from a range of One Acre Fund teams. 


One Acre Fund Uganda’s headquarters is in Jinja. We also have a very small presence in Kampala on Bukoto Street. 

Located on Kiira Lane, our headquarter office has approximately 70 staff and was first established in 2014. 


Staff from our pilot program in Zambia are based in a 30-person office on Luisto Street in Kabwe.


Our main office in Bahir Dar in Kebele 13 hosts 130 staff; we also employ roughly 500 seasonal staff to support our operations. Additionally, we have an administrative office in Addis Ababa at the Megenagna roundabout, and cluster offices in Finote Selam and Motta.

United States of America

One Acre Fund has an office of 20 staff based in New York City.

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